The GINESYS Corporation, established in 1988, is a full service knowledge systems company. Our focus is to develop and apply leading edge technology to create competitive business solutions for our customers. GINESYS functions as both an R&D company and as a business solutions company.

As an R&D company, GINESYS has a ten year history of developing and providing breakthrough technologies for the implementation of sophisticated knowledge systems for:

  • e-commerce solutions
  • creations of dot.com companies
  • expert systems and other advanced artificial intelligence solutions
  • various types of internet web-based knowledge applications.

Dr. Richard L. Routh, President of GINESYS, was formerly the Director of the Armyís Artificial Intelligence Training Facility and Adjunct Advisor to President Reaganís Cabinet on Artificial Intelligence (AI) issues. As an AI visionary, he continues to vigorously pursue the development and implementation of advanced and commercially useful knowledge systems technologies. Dr. Routh is currently focusing most company efforts on helping medium to large size corporations develop strategic plans for enterprise-wide e-commerce solutions.

GINESYS is a privately held company that functions as a virtual company.

The GINESYS goal is continuous innovation to develop and implement the best Internet business solutions to achieve our clients' business objectives.


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